About organization

GOOD GOVERNANCE CENTER started its activity in 2012. Within the period of its activity, GGC realizes programs and projects directed to a Good Governance formation on the principles of the rule of law. GGC has an experience in improving institutional approaches to succeed the formulated goals.

Our goal consists in performing Good Governance tasks in flourishing legal and economic environment formation and promotes the observance of the Rule of Law principles. Our team assists in institutional development designing solutions required for a sustainable development in dynamic society using allocated resources in an effective and efficient way.

Our mission is to improve an organizational capacity due to Good Governance in all aspects integrating appropriate innovative solution including:

  • Integration of the Rule of Law principles;
  • Observance of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms;
  • Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of national and local, state and private sectors;
  • Development and management of economical and legal resources;
  • Improvement of institutional mechanisms

Our organization is governed in its activity by the following principles:

  • participation
  • consensus
  • responsibility
  • transparence
  • appropriate response
  • effectiveness and efficiency
  • equal interests
  • institutional thoroughness
  • tailored approach
  • integration

Our team members assist in resolutions thanks to research analysis, complex project management, designing training programs and integrated mechanisms using the resources in the best way.

Our organization targets the following tasks to achieve designated goals:

  • realizing good governance programs and projects;
  • improving transparency and building a dialogue, strengthening trust between the government and private sector;
  • strengthening institutional mechanisms by introducing new innovative approaches;
  • integrating international standards and best practices into legal and economic spheres;
  • promoting the Rule of Law, observance of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms based on international standards;
  • creating and coordinating permanent system of knowledge exchange between professionals;
  • studying public opinion on good governance issues in legal and economic spheres;
  • improving awareness of the rule of law, formation of civil society and good governance.